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Porcelain Easels for Your Angel Collection

Madonna and Child Series





5" Angels





4" Angels





3" Angels








These porcelain easels match the angels in material and design and add elegance in displaying angels and angel collections. And also, they stabilize your angels making them less vulnerable to tipping when moved or bumped. Below, we have added the enclosure information that we include in each easel to accompany the "dot" of wax adhesive included with each easel.





Remove the wax adhesive from plastic—apply to indicated area above, pressing gently to secure, but not so hard as to flatten. NOW, set your ANGEL on the easel and again press gently until secure—wax should give and flatten slightly

This porcelain easel has been designed to conform to your ANGEL'S back, holding it just right for an elegant display. By using the temporary adhesive as shown above, your ANGEL is more secure when bumped or moved and the temporary adhesive makes the moving of this set easier when you dust or rearrange your collection. To remove wax from porcelain surface use hot soapy water.